KTR's Preschool Experience is an active preschool program based on monthly themes that provide structured play and learning experiences in a fun, safe and nurturing environment. Our learning experience revolves around jumping, climbing, running, flipping, skateboarding, singing and developing coordination. Our enthusiastic teachers make our program a fun place to learn and grow.


Programming and Pricing

Preschool Experience  (ages 3yrs - 5yrs)  (MUST BE POTTY TRAINED)

                                                         Individual                   Family


2 classes per week                            $199                          $300

4 classes per week                            $249                          $350         


Diaper Devils  (18mo - 2yrs)

                                                         Individual                   Family


2 classes per week                            $99                          $200

4 classes per week                            $150                         $249



Class Times (Monday - Thursday)


KTR Preschool ( 3yrs - 5yrs)

9:00a - 9:30a               Open Gym playtime

9:30a - 10:30a              Class time

10:30a - 10:45a             Snack

10:45a - 11:30a              Class time  (Learning centers will be done during this time)          

Program Focus

Physical Development:

Children sing songs, dance, clap and do crafts that relate to our theme of the month, Children practice using fine and large motor skills, improve balance and strength, and develop flexibility and coordination.

Social Development:

Children learn to follow directions, develop healthy friendships, adn take turns by working together. 

Academic Development:

Children build a basic foundation fo academia by theme focused learning through memorizing songs, daily crafting book pages, and theme reinforced activites. 


Through the KTR Preschool Experience, you can be sure to get your little one the exercise and fundamentals they will need to grow into healthy and happy tweens. Your child will improve in jumping, running, swinging, climbing, balance, body awareness, strength, social skills, and CONFIDENCE.


Monthly Learning Themes:

  • January – Winter Wonderland

  • February – Shapes

  • March – Character Traits

  • April – Animals

  • May – Sports

  • June – Patriotic

  • July – Summer Fun

  • August – Letters

  • September – Numbers

  • October – Super Hero 

  • November – Colors

  • December – Music