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Kids That Rip is dedicated to helping your child to reach the highest level of their abilities, in a fun, social, safe and encouraging environment. Participation can also  be a great stepping stone for a child who desires to  pursue cheerleading or dance. 


We have top equipment for training and Classes are held with a 6-students-to-1-coach ratio.

Kids That Rip uses a rotation program for its recreational classes that keeps your child active throughout class time, learning new skills and developing strength, flexibility and aerobic endurance. We are focused on providing the highest quality of tumbling for at every age and level.

Tramp & Tumbling


Mini tumblers (3-4 years) 45 min class

Level1 tramp & tumble (5 years +)
1 hour class

level 2 tramp & tumble 1 hour class

level 3 tramp & tumble 1 hour class

level 4 tramp & tumble 1 hour class

*every child begins in a level 1 class and is moved up as they complete the required skills
Call or email if you have any questions or need help booking a Trial Class!

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