Trampoline & Tumbling Program


Freerunning is KTR's newest training program that encourages fitness and skill development by using an obstacle course style training system.


Level 1 Class


Our Level 1 course is designed for the beginner (age 5 and above). 

The Level 1 class assists participants with proper progressions and encourages social interaction and fun.


Students will be introduced to proper body positions, safety rolls, climbing, hanging, jumping, and conditioning drills.


Level 2 Class


Our Level 2 course is designed to challenge participants with a higher level of fitness.


The Level 2 class builds on the skills learned in Level 1. Students will be taught more difficult vaults, leaps, swings, spins, and flips.


Participants may enroll in the Level 2 class after completing Level 1, or after completing a physical fitness and skill related test.


Drop-In Freerunning Sessions


Open Parkour sessions are available seven days/wk for participants who want to use of KTR Parkour obstacles and equipment on their own time. Please check the hour's page for any changes to the schedule.


Session Times


Please check the class page for full schedule and any changes due to camps or holidays.



Free-Trial Lessons/Class Enrollment


If you are interested in joining one of our parkour classes, we offer a free trial class for new members in order to place your child at the appropriate level. Trials are scheduled during regular class hours.


More About The Program


Who Are Our Coaches?


Our Coaches are professionals active with USA Parkour and the WFPF. All have years of training and experience coaching gymnastics and parkour.


What Should I Wear?


Wear comfortable workout clothes. Sweatpants, shorts, t-shirts. Gym shoes only, please.


What if my son/daughter is a minor?


Ages 17 and under must have a completed Online Waiver signed by a parent or legal guardian before using the facility. 18 and over must also fill out the Online Waiver.

Cost Per Month

Class Hours

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Class Pricing